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Man Gifts Father DNA Kit On Birthday, What Happens Next Is Unimaginable

Man Gifts Father DNA Kit On Birthday, What Happens Next Is Unimaginable 

For children, parents are their entire world, especially during their formative years when cherished memories are created, fostering a sense of protection and love. However, for some individuals, their world can shatter upon discovering the truth about their birth and parentage. 

A heart-wrenching story has surfaced online, gaining significant attention on social media.

As reported by The Sun, a man shared his poignant tale on Imgur, recounting how a seemingly innocent birthday gift – DNA kits for his father – ended up altering his life and perceptions forever. Going by the username @Aharit, he expressed his long-standing curiosity about his complete ancestry. His parents had always conveyed that his heritage was primarily 

European, with English and Irish roots on his mom’s side and German ancestry on his dad’s. However, beyond these broad strokes, much remained unknown.

The man revealed that his mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when he was 17 years old and eventually succumbed to its complications in 2017. An intriguing aspect arose when he noticed that both his parents boasted beautiful blue eyes, whereas he was born with the brownest of eye colours, a biological anomaly given their purported genetic makeup.

To unravel the mystery, he decided to gift his dad and himself DNA kits from 23andMe for his father’s birthday. The results, however, proved to be shocking and life-altering. Upon checking the comparisons, he discovered that he did not share DNA with his dad and likely had not shared ancestors for the past four generations.

The revelation hit him hard and he immediately called his father, breaking down as he shared the discovery. According to his account, his father remained adamant that no untoward incidents had occurred.

This emotional journey, documented on Imgur with accompanying visuals, underscores the profound impact of genetic revelations on familial relationships and the quest for self-discovery.

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