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This actress is known by the name of grandmother, the granddaughter of this veteran actress is no less in beauty.

There is an actress in Bollywood who is not only known for her ability but she is more famous because of her grandmother's name. Yes, that actress is Pranutan Bahl, who recently revealed the heart-touching story behind her name.

Everyone is aware of Bollywood actress Nutan. Who has given many memorable films to Hindi cinema. 

These include many films like 'Saraswatichandra', 'Anari', 'Chhaliya', 'Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki', 'Saudagar', 'Bandini' and 'Sujata'

Apart from her acting, Nutan was also known for her beauty. There is someone else who looks as beautiful as her.

Not only beautiful but those girls who look as beautiful as her are also known by her name. Yes, the person we are talking about is none other than Nutan's granddaughter Pranutan Bahl. 

Pranutan told the story behind his name

Pranutan Bahl is the daughter of Mohnish Bahl who is known for playing negative roles in Bollywood films. Pranutan Bahl has also entered Bollywood. Pranutan Bahl started her acting career with the film 'Notebook' produced under Salman Khan

 Zaheer Iqbal was seen with Pranutan in this film. Apart from this, she has also been seen in the film 'Helmet'. Recently, Pranutan became a part of the special episode of the singing reality show 'Indian Idol 14', whose title was 'Celebrating Nutan Ji'. 

Along with Pranutan, her father and famous actor Mohnish Bahl, her mother Ekta Sohini and sister Krisha Bahl were also present in the show. Meanwhile, Pranutan has revealed the secret behind his name. He has also told that his name is related to his grandmother i.e. veteran actress Nutan. 

This is how Pranutan got the name of Grandma Nutan

Pranutan told how her grandfather Rajneesh Bahl wanted to name her after her grandmother Nutan. He said, 'My grandfather named me Me, he wanted to name me after grandmother Nutan. However, my father requested him not to take his mother's name, after which grandfather named me Pranutan, which means a new life.

Pranutan is highly educated

Let us tell you that Pranutan is one of the most educated actresses of the new generation. He studied till 12th from Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai. After this he obtained BLS LLB degree from Government Law College, Churchgate. At the same time, he also took a five-year BLS LLB degree. Pranutan is also very active on social media and remains in the news by sharing her glamorous pictures every day. 

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