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NCCF launches high quality 'Bharat Dal' in Tamil Nadu

NCCF launches high quality 'Bharat Dal' in Tamil Nadu

iGrain India - Chennai. The National Cooperative Consumer Federation of India (NCCF), a subordinate agency of the Union Ministry of Food, Consumer Affairs and Public

 Distribution, has started the sale of high quality pulses under the Bharat brand name in the southern state of the country - Tamil Nadu, which is being sold at subsidized prices to the consumers. Will be made available. A company named AASSAAN (Aasan) Global Trade has been designated as the authorized distributor of Bharat Dal.

According to the information received, at present, chana dal is being sold directly to consumers (customers) under the Bharat Dal brand through 50 mobile vehicles (nomadic vehicles) at prominent places in cities and villages in every district.

The number of mobile outlets will be increased to 100 and soon flour, rice and moong dal will also be included in the list of products for sale. 

According to official sources, the objective of this important effort of NCCF is to stabilize the prices of pulses, control food inflation and increase its supply and availability.

Bharat Dal is already being sold at various places in Northern India and is receiving encouraging response from consumers there. On the occasion of 75th Republic Day celebrations, NCCF also started a lucky prize offer which included pressure cooker, impregnated bottle and tiffin box etc. Due to this, a lot of enthusiasm was seen among the buyers.  

With the aim of ensuring availability of pulses at reasonable prices to the common people, the Central Government is maintaining buffer stock of five major pulses - gram, tuvar, urad, moong and lentils. Its procurement is mainly done by NAFED.

This stock is used as per the requirement in the domestic market. The price of Bharat brand chana dal has been fixed at Rs 60 per kg, which is lower than the prevailing price in the domestic market.

Pulses from the buffer stock are also supplied to various welfare schemes. NAFED is selling gram to traders and millers through auction

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